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We do quick projects, perfect for developing your products, business and ideas. Mainstream your design and development concepts without hassle. We use technology and design to jumpstart revenue, then we target and build audiences to follow you.

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We are a digital design studio. We specialize in branding, online presence, marketing technology, software development, and e-commerce. In addition, we can build robust cloud solutions for your business and provide access to rock-star type talent for your teams. We are now featured on Design Rush.

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Satisfied Clients

Cups of Coffee

OKCs So Fine Club

This is one of Oklahoma City’s hottest new night clubs. They are a high end club that focuses on a posh environment for drinks, dancing, and live DJs. They provide a setting that is like some of the famous clubs in Miami, LA, and Las Vegas.

     –  Brand Refresh

     –  New Website

     –  Improved Social Media and SEO

     –  Advertising Campaigns

     –  Gorilla Marketing

Tulsa HBA

Homebuilders throughout Oklahoma and the Tulsa Metroplex rely on their association to promote and market homes. The Parade of Homes is their premiere showcase for such activities. They wanted us to take this to the cloud and to help mobilize their members.

     –  Cloud Infrastructure

     –  Mobile Application Development

     –  Image Sharing

     –  Systems Administration

     –  Technology Training

Wystle Gifts Boutique

A gifts boutique for the more discerning buyer. They specialize in a retail environment that tantalizes the senses and inspires new ideas about the home, personal care, and active life styles. They came to us with a need to integrate systems, and we did so much more.

     –  POS Integration

     –  Database & Inventory Mgmt

     –  New Website

     –  Ecommerce

     –  Enriched Social Media

Our Blog

News and links from around the web and social media. This is what we are reading and what we are interested in regarding technology and marketing.

Review of Edelleye Digital on DesignRush

Review of Edelleye Digital on DesignRush

We were recently asked to join DesignRush, and they reviewed our profile and our business. They ended up choosing us as a top agency and studio in the Oklahoma and Tulsa region. You can learn more about us and their agencies and marketing directory here :...

Say Hello to one of the Latest Versions of Scaled Agile

Say Hello to one of the Latest Versions of Scaled Agile

Our mission at Scaled Agile has always been to help those who build the world’s most essential systems do so better, faster, at less cost—and with more enjoyment in the process. It’s self-evident that a mission like that has no end. Especially now, as the...

The Best CDN Providers Of The Year 2023 Ranked

The Best CDN Providers Of The Year 2023 Ranked

The best CDN providers (content delivery network) work to accelerate almost any website by caching its files in servers around the world. Whether your visitors come from Europe, North America, Asia or anywhere else, content is automatically served from the nearest...

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