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At our core, we are technologists and designers. Our staff have backgrounds in sophisticated systems, cloud architectures, distributed computing, software development, object oriented programming, and mobile apps in whatever form you see in the marketplace today. We know how to make the music. We can provide tech, from the simple to the complicated.


We can quickly form a design tiger team for your next project. You don’t have to go to either coast, or overseas to get the talent you need. We know on-line marketing and social media. Amplification is our specialty. We have come together in a matter of days and weeks to provide the creative and the campaigns that can revitalize your business, no matter what stage of growth you’re in.

Time to Change The Game plan

With decades of experience building consumer and enterprise class products and services, we can help you revitalize and grow your product and service portfolios.

On-line, mobile, and social networking are simply new mediums to explore. Make sure you are making the most impact possible with your brand, your products, and sales in these global networks. We can help you create awareness and find new customers.

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Getting Creative

It’s no longer good enough to simply be online. People, including your potential customers, respond to good design, and they want to see and hear from you where they spend their time. Whether that be at work, at home, or out and about. We help you get out there and join the conversations that people are having all over the web and social media platforms, and we are particularly focused on mobile screen times and location awareness.

More about our creative process

Branding  |  On-line Advertising  |  Design  |  Imaging  |  Photography  |  Illustration  |  Social Media Campaigns  |  Video & Audio Streaming  |  Magic

tech knowledge

The world of technology is a complex one. There are whole platforms and disciplines that have matured into sophisticated networks of service and communication. You don’t need to be an expert in those areas to be successful or to keep up with what is out there, we do.

We have the talent and the know-how. Our focus on service architectures, data analytics, APIs, systems integration, and on understanding your business, enables us to satisfy, find and convert new customers.

Cloud Platforms  |  Service Oriented Architectures  |  Software Development  |  Database Development & Mining  |  Analytics  |  Integration  |  Voodoo

Starter Programs

Often, the best way to try something is to just get it started. Let’s try that with our relationship. Listed below are some ideas for how we could get a project going. We’re open to all your ideas.

Tech Eval

We analyze existing systems, software, and business processes, and present new options for optimization and insights into how you grow your business.

Market Eval

Let’s take a fresh look at your marketplace, your reference competitors, and your products and services, and recommend new ways to differentiate.

New Website

We can have a new on-line presence established, e-commerce setup, and grow product sales and customer reach in a few simple steps. 

  • Efficencies 80% 80%
  • increased knowledge 30% 30%
  • Search engine optimization 40% 40%
  • Customer satisfaction 70% 70%
  • innovation potential 80% 80%
  • revenue growth 60% 60%

All products should be design-centered and easy to use, and the brand should be an extension of and a unifying force for your business. We leverage technology and relationships with top talent to make this happen for you.

If you are looking for an on line presence, mobile apps and services, or if you need technology talent that may not be core to your business, we can help.

     – Lee M. Williams, Founder
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