About Our Studio

We are a digital design studio located in the heart of Oklahoma. We specialize in branding, online presence, marketing technology, software development, and ecommerce.

We Answer The Challenge

It’s not uncommon to meet with and hear from business leaders and entrepreneurs in the area, and to learn first-hand about the challenges they have encountered finding good engineering and technology talent, or marketing know-how for the digital age.

We formed Edelleye as an answer. We provide a way to get access to talent from around the globe, and a way to gain from an extensive knowledge set on how to brand and extend product placement across the internet.


Why Choose Us

20 Years of Experience

Our founders and staff are industry veterans. Some of the first web services, smartphones, tablets, and internet appliances have come from their collective hearts and minds. And they understand the power of teamwork.

Custom Everything

Software development, branding and design, and social networking may not be core to your business today. No need to hire dedicated staff, or settle for prepackaged offerings. We can custom tailor product solutions that help you excel.

We Deliver

We are fast, passionate, and iterative. Many of the projects we take-on, we offer to facilitate and manage in a comprehensive way, and we are about as transparent as it gets. This ensures the highest levels of engagement and success.

“We never miss an opportunity to exceed expectations or to expand the scope of our efforts. We want our customers and partners to be delighted and for our input to be viewed as the essential ingredient for success.”

Lee Williams

Founder, Edelleye Digital

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