Who Needs a Social Media Calendar?

The short answer: probably every brand — from startups and SMBs to agencies and larger organizations.

A social media calendar can help you achieve your goals, whether you’re trying to expand your social media presence onto new platforms, boost followers and audience engagement, or provide structure and accountability to your creation process.

A few of our favorite benefits include:

  • For Freelancers & Agencies: collaborate efficiently with your clients, maintaining their brand identity & ensuring consistency in their brand storytelling.
  • For Startups: track important audience metrics to analyze and improve upon the success of your posts.
  • For Small & Medium Businesses: save time by planning posts at the beginning of the month and working in batch.
  • For Larger Companies: improve editorial workflow and accountability by connecting with your team at multiple stages of the publishing process.
  • For Everyone: keep your readers happy with consistent, high-quality content by optimizing your editorial workflow, tracking data on successful (and unsuccessful) posts, and moving onto the next month with new insights and new goals.

Want in? Read on for more.


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