Our mission at Scaled Agile has always been to help those who build the world’s most essential systems do so better, faster, at less cost—and with more enjoyment in the process. It’s self-evident that a mission like that has no end. Especially now, as the unprecedented times of the pandemic, global economy, and supply chain issues have driven home a reality that has been decades in the making—enterprises are overwhelmed by constant change. And while all this is happening, advanced technologies such as AI, big data, and the cloud radically transform how we innovate.

The complexity and criticality of these new systems have never been higher. Indeed, the general welfare of humanity—and sometimes our very lives—literally depends on them. As we learn new things from our customers, partners, and market trends, we constantly evolve the Framework with new and updated guidance. Occasionally, we take a critical look at the entire Framework—from the SAFe Big Picture to all of the supporting knowledge base articles, graphics, and courseware—and decide it’s time for a new version. One that will ensure our customers continue to get the guidance and resources they need to adapt to market shifts and transform disruption into opportunity. To that end, we are excited to welcome you to SAFe® 6.0,  the latest version of the Framework, courses, certifications, toolkits, and online learning.

Read more here: https://scaledagileframework.com/blog/say-hello-to-safe-6-0/

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