Deeper Green charts the photographer’s journey through several of Belize’s protected reserves.

Colin Dodgson did not approach Deeper Green as he usually would a project. The photographer went in with an open mind — free from any preconceived ideas of what he wanted to create. Belize was unfamiliar territory, and Dodgson wanted his experience to give shape to the images he made.

The photographer arrived in the Central American country in December 2018 and spent 10 days shadowing rangers affiliated with the World Land Trust — an international conservation charity — specifically the Programme for Belize and the Corozal Sustainable Futures Initiative. On the occasion of the organisations 30th anniversary, Jonny Lu, a close friend and ambassador for the WLT, had invited Dodgson to document the WLT’s protected reserves.

Source: Colin Dodgson’s lyrical depiction of environmental conservation – British Journal of Photography

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