Until we know what the real PS5 design is, these concepts will have to suffice…

The PS5 design is still shrouded in mystery, so although we might know some things about Sony’s next-gen console, like a couple of upcoming PS5 games, the logo, and features like haptic feedback, we have no idea what the PS5 design will be. You know, what the box that’ll be sat under your TV for the next five or so years will look like.

Until Sony officially reveals the console, we’re turning to the internet, to see what the most plausible concepts are out there. We’re ignoring anything that’s totally crazy, like a mad floating ball, or one that turns the PS5 into a rollable screen with half a controller attached to either side. Let’s be realistic here folks.

Source: PS5 design: We analyse the best concepts currently out there | GamesRadar+

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