The number of times we have met with clients or been in meetings brainstorming marketing campaigns and creative, and seen the opportunity to seize the moment with a staff member pulling out a camera is huge. Great cameras are in your pocket these days. You just have to build up the confidence and a few skills to shoot like a pro.

From sunrises, sunsets, desert ranges, majestic mountains to fields of flowers, creating beautiful landscape images can be easy at times, and sometimes difficult. There’s a lot to think about when composing beautiful images. Sure, we have to determine our ISO, depth of field and exposure compensation. We also need our tripod, cable release and possibly even a filter or two. Then, we need to get our composition just right. A lot of sky? A hint of sky? Or, no sky at all? Finding and framing up our images is a lot of work creatively and technically. However, there are a

Source: 4 In-Camera Tools That Can Help You Create Beautiful Landscape Images | Light Stalking

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