This phone seemed to have everything but it came out only months before the iPhone, which changed the mobile world forever.

I can remember this time well, I had joined Nokia a year earlier, and we were in final-ship, in-market update, and launch mode. The perspective on the iPhone here is essential. So much so, I think GSM Arena missed the lede…the iPhone that launched in the us had no MMS, so no pictures via text, no video capture, etc. it was essentially an iPod that also made some phone calls, and had a good album-flipper and email client, if you had a good data plan and coverage that is.

However, this also shows you how a focus on user experience, software, and an open eco system can overcome almost all device centric ills. Enjoy the read.

Source: Flashback: the Nokia N95 was a high point for Symbian but also the beginning of the end – news

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