Commentary: Are we ready to have a whole cast of characters talking back to us at home? Amazon, Verizon and other major brands certainly think so.

During Amazon’s Alexa Live event Wednesday, Verizon announced a new smart display, sensibly called the Verizon Smart Display, with “Hey, Verizon” capability. That ability is powered by Amazon Custom Assistant, a “comprehensive new solution that lets device makers and service providers create intelligent assistants tailored to their brand personality and customer needs.”

The program was announced in January, and several brands hopped onboard, including global automaker Stellantis, Qualcomm, Garmin, as well as Elektrobit and Continental. We saw Verizon’s smart display coming a few weeks ago thanks to a filing with the Federal Communications Commission and while Wednesday’s announcement isn’t groundbreaking, it does mark the continued success of Amazon’s new business strategy of selling Alexa out to other companies for customization.

Source: What happens when all the brands in your home get a voice? – CNET

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